Detoxification & Weight Loss

Managing your detoxification systems properly as you lose weight can be an important determining factor in how much progress you make and whether or not you reach your goal weight.

White adipose tissue, where your extra pounds are stored, is in many ways a defense mechanism against excess; it keeps such excesses away from vital organs like your heart, liver, and kidneys. For example, excessive fatty acids are extremely toxic to cells and can easily kill them, which is why they get stored in a safe location in the first place when excess food is consumed.

A similar problem occurs with fat-soluble toxins. These come from air pollution (formaldehyde), food (mold toxins and PCBs), pesticides on food, alcohol excess, digestive/sinus toxicity issues from overgrowth of Candida or bacteria (acetaldehyde),
and many others. Fat-soluble toxins at low levels disturb thyroid function, reproduction, liver function, and general cell health.

Toxin excess is a common reason for rapid weight gain, both as a defense mechanism, and because the toxins are crashing the metabolism.

Individuals can gain 25-50 pounds in a year when acute toxin challenges go unmanaged. Thus, toxins are stuffed into your fat in the first place to get them away from your metabolism. When they are in your circulation they can readily disrupt your metabolism, causing weight gain. Yet, as you lose weight they go back into your circulation. You must effectively clear them or you will feel crummy, fatigued, irritable, and/or simply not lose
any weight.

Diet and exercise are not the only ingredients to losing weight. Detoxifying the system, ensuring optimal organ and digestive function, hydration and hormonal balance all assist in strengthening the immune system and regulating the metabolism.


Lufenuron attacks the Chitin Shell surrounding Candida fungus.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

Sodium Bicarbonate assists in Alkalizing the system.

Candetox uses Lufenuron to attack Candida by removing its protective Chitin shell, thus removing toxins, fungus and parasites that are bound deep within the body. ATTACK Candida, REMOVE toxins, AKALIZE the body
and the body’s immune system will reboot. This is

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