Is Candetox Safe?

Yes! Candetox Lufenuron will begin dissolving the protective coating of the fungus within the first few days of the program. Quite often at this point you will experience something called a healing crisis. This occurs in people who have Candida overgrowth or Systemic Candida.

Many people who have a serious Candida infection find that when they take Lufenuron they feel worse before they feel better. This healing crisis, or ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer’ reaction is completely normal.

This means the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor is doing its job and destroying the protective Chitin shell around the fungus, allowing your body to attack the fungus and kill it.

This rapid killing off of the Candida means that toxins are released into the body that can make you feel a bit poorly. This is only temporary, as very quickly the treatment will have killed the majority of the fungus. Within a few days of the die off reaction you will be feeling a LOT better than you did before.

Candetox Lufenuron is the only Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor that is proven to be uniquely non-toxic to humans. Taking this Inhibitor will have the equivalent effect of taking flour or charcoal – zero effect on biological human functions – it will only affect the fungus.

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.

Lufenuron attacks the Chitin Shell surrounding Candida fungus.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

Sodium Bicarbonate assists in Alkalizing the system.

Candetox uses Lufenuron to attack Candida by removing its protective Chitin shell, thus removing toxins, fungus and parasites that are bound deep within the body. ATTACK Candida, REMOVE toxins, AKALIZE the body
and the body’s immune system will reboot. This is

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