What Causes Systemic Candida?

Candida thrives on sugar and toxins. All forms of sugar, including fructose (natural
sugar found in fruit) feed Candida. Toxins are fuel for Candida to survive and multiply.

Over the past few decades the diet in the West has changed dramatically. We now consume far more sugar, refined and processed foods than we ever have before.

Your body chooses to feed Candida first (it is associated with your immune system and the first line of defense always gets food first), with the sugar you ingest (in all its forms). The rest of your body organs, tissue and vital systems receive only what remains, after the Candida is satiated. This results in symptoms of disease as vital organs are starved
of nutrients.

With a diet high in sugar and refined food it will grow exponentially, it is almost as if
our diet in the Western world is a super food for the yeast. Sugar, alcohol, chocolate, bread, pasta, coffee, tea, fast food and any refined food all contribute to Candida growth.

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Overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics has a profound effect on our natural defences. These antibiotics kill all bacteria, including the good bacteria in our gut that maintains a healthy balance. Without this bacteria, the Candida is free to grow and spread throughout the body.

Birth control pills, steroids, vaccinations and other chemicals encourage the body to produce fungus. The body sees these foreign substances as invaders that have nothing in common with human biology. Therefore the body protects itself by creating fungus around the residue that these pharmaceuticals leave behind.

Both Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy are extremely toxic. Once again, your body tries to protect itself from the toxicity of these chemicals. ‘Cancer patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy did not finally succumb to the canceritself, but to an infestation of Candida’. Contemporary Oncology Magazine1993 USA

Heavy metals enter the body via ingestion, skin absorption or inhalation. A fungus immediately forms around this poison to protect you from its toxicity. A Chitin shell then forms around the fungus to protect it from your immune system. The fungus then wants food to sustain itself whilst protecting you against the toxicity of the heavy metals. The body prioritizes how nutrients are delivered and the immune system always comes first. This means the fungus is fed first, absorbing nutrients before your body’s organs and other vital systems.

When surgery removes a cancerous tumor, particles of Candida fungus are transported via the blood to other parts of the body. This Candida now starts to multiply in its new host organ. Essentially, the surgery provides a conduit for the fungus to move throughout the body. This is the start of systemic Candida.


Lufenuron attacks the Chitin Shell surrounding Candida fungus.

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Sodium Bicarbonate assists in Alkalizing the system.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

Tumeric acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial aid in repair.

Candetox uses Lufenuron to attack Candida by removing its protective Chitin shell, thus removing toxins, fungus and parasites that are bound deep within the body. ATTACK Candida, REMOVE toxins, AKALIZE the body
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