What is A Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor?

Chitin is found in insects and fungus and is created by these organisms as an exoskeleton. Think of it as a natural armor suit. The fungus Candida also produces its own layer of Chitin around its cell wall.

Lufenuron is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor. This compound prevents the fungus from producing this layer of Chitin and breaks down the Chitin layers that have already formed.

What makes Lufenuron such a breakthrough solution to your Candida infection is that it is
a totally inert chemical that has no effect on ANY of the human systems.

As humans have no body processes that involve the creation of Chitin, then taking a Chitin Inhibitor will have no effect on the human body. It will however make the fungus vulnerable that is infecting your system. Lufenuron has been tested for many years proving consistently to have zero adverse effects, even when taken in massive dosages.

Lufenuron also has no known drug interactions as it is an inert compound.

Even if you have not had a test for Candida but still suspect it is causing you ill health, taking this Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor will not affect you negatively if you do not have Candida overgrowth.

chitin-sythesis-inhibitor-01Chitin is a chemical compound containing carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen that
naturally occur in the external skeleton of insects and crustaceans.

Lufenuron attacks the Chitin Shell surrounding Candida fungus.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

Sodium Bicarbonate assists in Alkalizing the system.

Candetox uses Lufenuron to attack Candida by removing its protective Chitin shell, thus removing toxins, fungus and parasites that are bound deep within the body. ATTACK Candida, REMOVE toxins, AKALIZE the body
and the body’s immune system will reboot. This is

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