What is MMS?

The chemical (mineral) that is generated by MMS is chlorine dioxide. This is NOT
chlorine and is no more kindred to chlorine than table salt (sodium chloride).

MMS is a unique chemical oxidizer that has the ability to enter the body, kill pathogens
that are causing diseases, and touch absolutely nothing else. MMS is a positively charged
mineral and only attacks negatively charged acidic pathogens. Beneficial minerals in the
body have a positive charge also and remain untouched by MMS.

MMS destroys microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds, yeast and
parasites. MMS prevents the formation of special proteins necessary for viral growth,
thus causing the destruction of the virus.

MMS neutralizes other poisonous foreign matter through oxidation.
When oxidized, poisons and heavy metals are neutralized and they
merely washed out of the body.

MMS destroys most pathogens by oxidation. It distinguishes between a healthy molecule
and a pathogen by the voltage. The voltage of the molecule determines what substance
the molecule will attract to itself. When MMS gets near a pathogen molecule, it draws off
some of the electrons, which destroys the pathogen, and the MMS is also destroyed in the
process. The only molecules that can be affected by MMS are those that are introduced
into the body; pathogens, heavy metals, and poisons.

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Lufenuron attacks the Chitin Shell surrounding Candida fungus.

Charcoal and Zeolite capture and remove the toxins bound within.

MMS effectively kills all acidic pathogens.

Candetox uses Lufenuron to attack Candida by removing its protective Chitin shell, thus removing toxins, fungus and parasites that are bound deep within the body. ATTACK Candida, REMOVE toxins, AKALIZE the body
and the body’s immune system will reboot. This is

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